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Top 10 favourite TV characters of all time!

In todays blog, I've decided I'm going to be sharing my all time favourite TV characters, with all of you guys! I love getting into a good TV series and binge watching all of the episodes... Although who doesn't?? Saying that, this list will probably change over time, however for now, these are my favourite TV characters...

(P.S. As hard as it was to rate some of these characters against each other, I've gone in order of my least favourite to most favourite character. Enjoy!)

10) Stiles Stilinski - Teen Wolf

Stiles is 100% my favourite character from Teen Wolf. I love his humour and his sarcasm, Dylan O'Brien embodies this character way too well, it's honestly like this role was made for him. I feel like Stiles is one of my favourite TV characters because out of this list, he is defiantly one character that I'd most want to be friends with. Stiles as a character is just, hilarious, caring, relatable and just amazing really.

9) Serena Van Der Woodsen - Gossip Girl

For some reason, I feel like Serena is kinda underrated, as people usually tend to sway more towards Blair. But, for me I actually really love Serena's character. Firstly, her style is amazing, the amount of times I've sat watching Gossip Girl, envious of her outfits is ridiculous. For me, I like how her characters is always diverse, so she'll be with different people, try different jobs, she deals with personal issues, she's involved in drama... 99% of the time. The list goes on, but I love the character!

8) Rachel Green - Friends

I couldn't not include a character from Friends onto the list, and my favourite character happens to be Rachel. For me, I just thinks she's the most relatable, in the sense that as a character, she's most like myself I'd say, mostly due to her being the most dramatic. To me, Rachel is just an amazing character and literally just screams best friend material.

7) Spencer Hastings - Pretty Little Liars

Okay, there literally is no competition for me about which Liar is my favourite, it always has and always will be Spencer. The girl will do anything and I love it. I love how she's always involved, she's clever, she's sarcastic. Her character compared to the other three Liars is just more in depth and developed. Plus, I'd defiantly favour her expertise if I was being hunted by A.

6) William McKenzie - The Inbetweeners

It honestly would be an insult to this blog if I didn't include a character from the Inbetweeners. Every single time I watch the Inbetweeners, its always Will cracking me up the most, throughout the whole episode, no matter how many times I watch it. If I could pick anyone to embody British humour, I honestly think I'd pick Will to do so.

5) Klaus Mikaelson - The Vampire Diaries

Klaus was one of them characters that I absolutely loved the second he spoke, and carried on loving until he left the show, and after that to be honest. He can be a bit of an arse, he's a savage really, but I love it. His character in The Vampire Diaries makes me want to watch The Originals, just to see more of him. I will ALWAYS ship him and Caroline together. Literally always.

4) Katherine Pierce - The Vampire Diaries 

Again, absolute savage, bit of a crazy one, but I love her none the less. Nina Dobrev was amazing at playing Katherine, you honestly feel like it's another actress playing Elena, especially when they have scenes together. Katherine for me is just so fun to watch, she makes me laugh too and in all she's a great character.

3) Brooke Davis - One Tree Hill

I feel like this is kinda a typical character to chose but how could you not? Brooke, in my opinion, has the biggest character development throughout the show, but I love her in every stage of her character. She's so funny, relatable and just brilliant. A lot of my favourite OTH scenes include Brooke, so thats another reason I placed her number 3!

2) Nathan Scott - One Tree Hill

I literally love Nathan in every series, every episode, just everything really. Him with Jamie honestly just gets me, they're so adorable. Also, him and Haley are, without a doubt, the best couple on the show. Nathan as a character always has an exciting storyline and is just one of my favourite characters!

1) Damon Salvatore - The Vampire Diaries

How can you not include Damon onto your top 10 fave character list? His humour and sarcasm is always on point. I love the depth this character possesses, he's mysterious, he comes across a certain way which sometimes isn't really him. There is too much to say about why he's my favourite character, so I'll just leave it at that.

Thank you all for reading, have a great day!

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