Sunday, 13 November 2016

5 things that inspire me to write

I suppose this is a pretty personal blog post, in the sense that everyone will typically have their own reasons and inspirations on why they write and what they write about. However, if anyone is stuck on where to look for inspiration, hopefully this will help you out a bit!

1) Emotions:

For me this is probably my main inspiration, partly on what I end up writing about. By this I mean that, if something has happened, or in general I'm feeling a particular emotion very strongly, I'll write about it. So I'll write and explain about how I feel at that particular moment. To me it is quite therapeutic to do this, it helps me clear my head, especially when I don't particularly want to talk to anyone about how I'm feeling. Another tip as well, is that if you're writing about feeling extremely upset or angry, you may not want to read this back, so you can always just tear it up and throw it away after writing it. Therefore your minds a bit less crowded and you won't have to be reminded about whatever caused you to feel down.

2) Music

To me, taking inspiration from music is more about wondering why the artist made the song. So, whats the song about? Is it a personal experience to the artist? If so, can you relate to it in anyway? Is the tone of the song sadness, happiness, confusion etc? I think that you can really take a song and write a whole story just around the feeling you personally get from it. And what makes this one a great inspiration, is that everyone will write something different, even if you hear the same song, as it'll be interpreted by everyone differently.

3) Life/people watching

I suppose this links slightly to emotions, but it's a more branched out approach. For this one I mean taking into account situations going on all around you. For example overhearing a conversation and that sparking an idea in your mind. Or perhaps just being out and about and wondering how someone you see has managed to be at that exact spot the same time you are, what's their story, what's their background? 

4) Quotes

This is a really interesting one to me, because quotes are written from peoples own experiences and thoughts. So again, just like with music, people can take the same quote differently, depending on their own feelings and experiences. Some quotes can be quite mind ticking, so they get you thinking about how situations could cause someone to think a certain way and what has then led them to write that specific quote. So therefore you can write a whole story almost about how that quote came to be, just by the emotions and connotations you get from it.

5) Art

Personally, this isn't one of my main inspirations, but I know quite a few people where art to them can send their mind racing a hundred miles an hour. Perhaps if you're one of these people, spending the day at art museums, or even just looking at art online may spark some ideas on what to write. You could think about your initial reactions to the art, the feelings you get from it. You could notice the colours used and what connotations they hold and so on.

Thank you all for reading, have a great day!
Mollie x

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  1. These are really lovely things, I love seeing what inspires other people! x

    Liz | LotsofLoveLiz

    1. Thank you so much Liz :)
      I checked out your blog and it looks amazing, I'll defiantly keep up to date with your posts! X